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Shelter Art Project

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

SEWA-AIFW and Violence Free Minnesota initiated the Shelter Art Project 2020 with an intention to bring awareness about the impact of domestic violence on an individual. Our project highlights the work of survivors in shelters across Minnesota.

Violence has become a norm and it affects the very core of a person’s identity, making them doubt their abilities and taking away the choice of healthy and happy life from them, hence we themed it as ‘ME,’ or in simple words how the residents perceive themselves.

The artwork that emerged out of this initiative shows not only the negative impact of domestic violence, it also brings forth the resilience and fighting spirit of the survivors. We are thankful to each and every participant who took out the time and courage to bring their art to spread awareness.

We salute the artistic endeavor and spirit of these wonderful individuals and hope their art will inspire others to pledge against violence and give hope to those who are going through the pain of losing their homes and identities.

See the artworks below.

Some of these are self-portraits, or characterizations of self. Some reflect on the themes of love, peacefulness, or positivity. One entry wrote: “I want to turn [the] clock back to when people lived in small, peaceful villages and took care of each other.”

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