Space for Youth

Helping youth create & sustain healthy relationships with their families, friends, and significant others.



Building Healthy Relationships

Many of our South Asian youth struggle with balancing both South Asian heritage culture and ideals in relationships, expectations from family or friends, and US culture and ideals. Some suffer from or witness abuse at home and end up choosing abusive partners & friends. Some have difficulty communicating their own thoughts with their families. Some feel bound by obligations, some rebel to break free.

Our goal at SEWA-AIFW is to listen, support, and help youth understand and cultivate a healthy relationship with their families, friends, and significant others. We provide support for those suffering from abuse; space for youth to discuss with and learn from their peers; & counseling and referrals for specific services. We also have an LGBTQ specific group – SAQL.


Brown Breakfast Club

Brown Breakfast Club is a youth-led group for youth ages 16-24 only.  Meetings are held each month and a facebook group is how we stay connected!

The meetups are a mix of discussions & presentations with a focus on mental health and cultivating healthy relationships.



South Asian Parents Together

SAPT is our for parents group. We will post events and create dialogue on our facebook group to stay connected!


Book Club

SEWA-AIFW partners with a local independent publishing and media company, Crow House Press, to offer a book club for adults that meets once a month! We'll launch this book club in August - sign up for it today!

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