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Space for Youth

Sooraj (ages 13-17), meaning “sun” in Hindi and several other South Asian languages, and Chaand (ages 18-24), meaning “moon,” are SEWA’s brand new groups for South Asian youth in the Twin Cities communities. We chose these names as representative of our youth, because the sun and the moon are a pair, one cannot go without the other. In many forms of literature, sun and moon represent growth, navigation, creativity, and transformation. These themes are very fitting to also be the symbols of youth, as our youth represent our future.

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SOORAJ: 13-17 Year Olds

Our Sooraj group (13-17 year olds) is perfect for contextualizing their identities and beginning to think about intersectionality. We want this group to be creative in how they begin to learn about their identities, whether that is through mandala artwork or making zines. We also want to take an active role to provide culturally responsive, inclusive and safe sexual education to South Asian youth, looking into how such topics are taboo in our cultures and how we can combat the existing stigmas.


CHAAND: 18-24 Year Olds

Our Chaand group will utilize internship and job opportunity resources. We also want to focus on life skills, learning about transformative justice, creating violence preventative resources and healing methods, and ultimately build and uplift community with one another.  



South Asian Parents Together

SAPT is our for parents group. We will post events and create dialogue on our facebook group to stay connected!


BAAT: Books of Asian Authors and Thoughts

BAAT, which means "matter" or "word" in Hindi, is the name of our new Book Club for Chaand and older. SEWA-AIFW partners with a local independent publishing and media company, Crow House Press, to offer a book club for adults that meets once a month! 

November/December's Book: The Unbroken

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SEWA's Closet

SEWA-AIFW offers a small clothing store with high quality cultural items! The shop will be open Monday and Friday from 11am to 2pm, no appointments needed

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