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About Us

Our Story

Formed in 2004, SEWA-AIFW  is a non-governmental, nonprofit 501c3 organization  committed to bringing total family wellness to the South Asian Indian community.

Our Goals

To serve and promote “Total Family Wellness” for Asian-Indians in Minnesota.

We believe that in order to build a violence free society, we must engage all members of our community to take responsibility in condemning domestic violence. We provide women with information about their options and rights. SEWA-AIFW advocates and staff never tell a woman what to do; rather, we give women information about possible courses of action and help her become empowered to make her own decisions.

SEWA-AIFW Volunteers are available 24 Hours a day to answer your calls on the CRISIS HOTLINE(952) 912-9100. You may also EMAIL US anytime. 


We offer confidential services which include FREE or LOW COST Legal support, Women’s emotional support groups, access to battered women’s shelter and medical care.

Our Guiding Principles

SEWA-AIFW originated from a desire to meet the unrecognized and unmet needs of the Asian-Indian diaspora and South Asian Immigrant & Refugee community in Minnesota. SEWA means, “to serve” in Hindi, and was created to serve and promote “Total Family Wellness” For South Asians in Minnesota through culturally specific programs. SEWA began as a small group of volunteers and since its creation in 2004 has become registered as an official Minnesota Non-Profit Corporation, 501c3 established a Board of Trustees, gained a dedicated and growing group of culturally trained volunteers and has established programs designed to meet the needs of our communities in Minnesota. SEWA-AIFW is continuously involved in research, trainings and collaborations with other organizations to improve its programs and better serve the South Asian community in Minnesota.

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