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SEWA-AIFW Restructuring

Happy Summer! 2022 is a year of recovery –– a year for confidence and sustainment. In that spirit, I am writing to share some exciting news. After nearly two decades of building SEWA-AIFW into a strong, impactful and healthy organization, I have decided it is the right time to empower new leadership to take SEWA-AIFW into its next chapter.

I have been working with the board to ensure a smooth leadership restructuring and am enthusiastic that the board has appointed Dasharath Yata and Mubina Qureshi as SEWA-AIFW’s next Executive Co-Directors. Furthermore, the board have appointed me to take on the role of CEO of SEWA-AIFW. I am confident it is the right time to make this organizational restructure due to SEWA-AIFW’s significant growth in the last three years. SEWA-AIFW is in a strong position and more poised than ever to keep doing meaningful and impactful work.

They will need your support and, like always, SEWA-AIFW is only possible because of all of you. Dasharath Yata and Mubina Qureshi have demonstrated a deep investment in SEWA-AIFW since for the past several years and they will now continue our community-centered, culturally-specific work to make Minnesota a place where joy, justice and “Total Family Wellness” can be achieved for our communities. They will need your support and, like always, SEWA-AIFW is only possible because of all of you. So please help welcome Dasharath Yata and Mubina Qureshi to continue to work with us in their new roles to make sure Minnesota is truly a place where all communities are welcomed, healthy, and thriving.

See below for a note from Mubina and Dasharath.

As the newly appointed CEO, my role will be of support, advise, and fiduciary management. There are not enough words nor space in one email to share how incredibly grateful I am for each of you. Your belief in SEWA-AIFW and in me has meant the world. I invite you to reach out and stay connected. Also, be on the lookout for some upcoming opportunities to celebrate and invest in SEWA-AIFW’s exciting work that support culturally-specific collaboration of refugee and immigrant communities.

Raj Chaudhary - SEWA-AIFW Founder & CEO

A note from Dasharath Yata and Mubina Qureshi Let me first say, I’m grateful for Raj’s leadership which helped grow SEWA-AIFW from serving just a few hundred South Asian Community members growing to more than 92,000 people serving together towards equity, justice, and direct services. Raj’s impact on SEWA-AIFW and us will be everlasting.

We are deeply honored to have been appointed by the board to serve as SEWA-AIFW’s new Executive Co- Directors. The most important thing to us as we transition is continuity. With Raj Chaudhary as CEO and the phenomenal SEWA-AIFW staff, we look forward to keeping our strong momentum going.

As we look at SEWA-AIFW’s greater impact, our focus will be on deepening SEWA-AIFW’s community service, amplifying community voices and engaging more leaders –– this includes you. Over the next few months, we look forward to connecting with you –– our supporters, our regional and partner organizations. In solidarity, Mubina Qureshi Dasharath Yata Sewa-Aifw Executive Co-Directors

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