Meet the Winners of the First SEWA Student Art Competition

We recently had our first Mental Health Student Art Competition. This was an opportunity for students in our community to showcase their talent while spreading mental health awareness.

You may remember that we announced the winners back in September. However, it was important to meet with not only the winners, but their parents as well. A main goal of the art competition was to facilitate conversation around mental health.

It was for this reason that we had a Zoom call with the winners and their families, some of whom are here in the US, and others in India. Each artist took some time to talk about their art and inspiration. Their parents then shared their thoughts on the subject of the competition: Mental Health.

Without further ado, let’s get to know our talented artists and their families, who have helped us break the silence around mental health.

First Place: Meghana Chimata

For Meghana, a sophomore at the University of Minnesota, art has always been a break from stress. Art is a healing practice for many. In our discussion, Meghana said that it made her happy to be able to present mental health as a concept. She was excited to be part of an open discussion, as mental health is generally not talked about in the South Asian community.

Meghana’s mother joined by thanking Sewa for creating this discussion space. She agreed with Meghana that mental health conversations are sorely lacking in the community, and was happy with Sewa for r