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SNAP Assistance

SEWA-AIFW’s SNAP Assistance program is here to answer your questions and guide you through the SNAP process.

SNAP Reporting Responsibilities

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About SNAP

SNAP Updates

SNAP: How To Apply

Option 1: Apply Online

State Provides Easy Application for Human Services Programs With MNbenefits

If you are a resident of Hennepin, Olmstead, Wabasha, or Wright County, you apply through MNBenefits.

Click here to apply at MNBenefits

Option 2: Mail-In Application

You can apply for SNAP benefits with a mail-in paper form. Applications must be sent to the county or tribe you live in. Download the application form below.

Updated Combined Application Form

Senior SNAP Application Form

Click here to see which address you must send your form to

Option 3: In-Person Application & Recertification Assistance

We are now accepting in-person visits to our office for assistance in applying and recertifying SNAP benefits.

If you are recertifying, be sure to bring your recertification letter from DHS.

Click here to access recertification forms

Click here to contact our SNAP team

SNAP: Assistance Information

If You Need One-On-One Assistance:

If you need one-on-one assistance, contact our SNAP team. There are also community partners across Minnesota serving various demographics that will help you.

Click here to contact SEWA-AIFW SNAP team

Click here for a list of community organizations that assist with SNAP

You can also submit a referral to for SNAP assistance using MN Food Helper, and a community SNAP specialist will reach out to you.

Click here to visit MN Food Helper

If Your Household is Already Receiving SNAP Benefits:

If you are a member of a household that is already receiving SNAP benefits, contact your county or tribal worker to assess your student eligibility.

You will need to submit documentation that you meet one of the new temporary exemptions, which may include financial aid notices, the expected family contribution determined by your FAFSA, and other forms from your college with your name on it.

You can also bring the DHS form to your financial aid office to fill out on your behalf.


How to Use SNAP EBT Card

SNAP EBT Card Cheat Sheet

Clients can receive their first card at the County office if ebtEDGE shows no previous card.

  • All cards are permanent cards when issued.

  • All cards are active when issued, they do not need to be activated.

    • However, clients must select a PIN.


Card Already Showing in ebtEDGE

A Card cannot be issued in office, client must call EBT Customer Service to replacement card.


To verify if a previously issued card is showing in the ebtEDGE:

  • Card issuers can view ebtEDGE to see if client has a previous card there

  • Worker can check with a County EBT Card Issuer or someone with Inquiry access to the EBT System

  • Worker can also view MONY/DISB EBT Account Open field though this is less reliable than checking the ebtEDGE.


If No Card is Showing in ebtEDGE or Case Not Known to EBT System at All

SNAP Only Case

Client’s first card can be issued at the County office.

If the initial SNAP issuance is via REI, the issuance will not generate a mailed EBT card. The client can either get their first card at the County office or call EBT Customer Service to request their first card be mailed. This card will not expire.

If the initial SNAP issuance is not issued via REI, the issuance will generate a mailed card. The client can still get their first card at the County office, but it will expire 30 days from when the mailed card is issued.

In other words, if the client gets their first card at the office and the first SNAP issuance is not issued via REI, a mailed card will still be generated from the issuance.

The County-issued card will expire when one of the following 2 things happens, whichever happens first:

  • 30 days after the mailed card is generated by the cash issuance

  • When the client first uses the mailed card

SNAP: P-EBT (Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer)

P-EBT is a temporary food benefit available to Minnesota families with children who would have received free or reduced-price meals if schools were open.

Have any P-EBT questions?

There are plenty of options to get your questions answered!

  • The P-EBT Hotline is open to callers 8:30am-4pm, Monday through Friday. Call at (651) 431-4608 or (833) 454-0153.

  • You can request help online through the P-EBT Help Form. Click here to access the form.

  • The P-EBT website has also been updated with Summer EBT information and a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. Click here to visit the P-EBT website.

Telephone Assistance Program (TAP)

Telephone Assistance Program and federal Lifeline programs are monthly discounts on one landline telephone per household.

Several landline and cell providers offer discounts to income qualifying households.

How Much Is The Discount?

  • Landline providers offer a $10 discount per month under TAP.

  • Landline, wireless, and broadband providers may give a discount of $7.25 to $9.25 under the federal Lifeline program.

  • There is an additional Lifeline credit available for persons living on Tribal lands.

Am I Eligible For TAP?

There are some requirements for eligibility and information to be provided. To be eligible, you must:

  • Have an income at or below 135% of the federal poverty guidelines.

  • Qualify for one of these programs: Medicaid, Federal Public Housing Assistance, SNAP or food stamps, SSI, Veterans Pension, or Survivors Pension benefits.

In other words, if you are on SNAP, then you automatically qualify for TAP! Telephone service must be in your name to qualify.

What Information Do I Need To Provide?

You will need to show proof that you or someone in your household meet the income requirements or are enrolled in one of the above programs.

How Do I Get Assistance?

For assistance, contact either your service provider or Minnesota Public Utilities Commission’s Consumer Affairs Office at 651-296-0406, toll free at 1-800-657-3782, or by email at

Click here to email our SNAP coordinator, Srividhya. You can contact our SNAP team at 612-309-8481.

SNAP: Assistance Information for College Students

Rent, tuition, and groceries can add up quickly. You don’t have to choose between paying for tuition and food.

You may need to apply for SNAP with other people you live with, including:

  • Your parents (if you are under 22 years old)

  • If you are a parent, your children under 22 years of age

  • Your spouse

  • Anyone else you live with and share the most (2/3) of your meals with

Current SNAP Eligibility Income Limits


Sept 2022 Updates

sept snap upate

​Aging of food benefits:

Effective September 1, 2022, new federal regulations require food benefits to be expunged (also referred to as “aged” or “removed”) from EBT accounts after 274 days of non-use.  Currently, food benefits are expunged from EBT accounts after 365 days of non-use.  This new regulation does not change cash expungement which happens at 90 days of non-use.

Increase in Gross income Limit for SNAP:

Effective Sept. 1, 2022, the gross income limit for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) eligibility in Minnesota will increase from 165% to 200% of the federal poverty line. The 35% increase was approved by the Minnesota Legislature and will help expand SNAP eligibility to families who may have previously been ineligible for the program due to having too much income.

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