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Ilhan Omar’s Visit to SEWA-Aifw

On April 11th, 2022, the MN Representative stopped by to visit SEWA-Aifw and talk with staff.

Once in the building, she stopped to shake hands with all of the staff present. Executive Director Raj Chaudhary gifted Ilhan Omar with a shawl she wore for the entire duration of the trip. The gesture expressed gratitude and appreciation for all the Representative has done for social causes. Pictures were taken and introductions were made. She even took time to talk to the children of one of the staff members. Then, both her staff and SEWA-Aifw’s went into the conference room to sit and talk with each other.

Close to an hour was spent going around the room. Each person gave their story of how they came to be at SEWA-Aifw and what areas of the company they were responsible for. Laughs were shared, solemn silences were held in the moments where painful pasts were revealed; SEWA-Aifw had even touched and changed the lives of some of the staff members. Most people had an instance where something she aided in singing into law directly affected their lives for the better. After each person spoke, Ilhan thanked them for speaking and offered a warm smile. She also offered the services of herself and her office in different matters, from translation for events to refugee assistance services.

As the meeting came to a close and non-fasting staff enjoyed samosas and chai, Ilhan Omar was asked to sign a copy of her book and was presented with gifts by staff that were well appreciated. Everyone shared how excited they were to have met her, and she was overwhelmed by the outpouring of gratitude.

We hope to see her again soon!

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