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CSSP Assistant (Gender-based Violence Prevention & Intervention Program)

Full-Time w/Benefits

$49,000 - $55,000

Signing a Contract

Job Summary

Under the direction of the Program Lead, CSSP (Culturally Specific Service Program) Assistant provides operational and administrative assistance to the Program Leader and Program Staff, performs a variety of administrative, coordination and logistical services in support of the operations of the Program, and assists with information management the team.

Primary Duties or Responsibilities

Operational and Administrative Support

· Maintains confidential records for the Program Leader;

· Acts as the main contact person during the absence of team members, following-up on any emergencies with appropriate in-house staff, and sharing workload with Program Assistants from other teams;

· Acknowledges receipt of correspondence and documentation in the absence of Program Leader or Program staff, and drafts preliminary versions of correspondence to be signed by the Program Leader or relevant Program staff;

· Assists other team members in preparing and formatting documents, including PowerPoint presentations;

· Develops and maintains an efficient filing system for the team, including assistance in processing calls for proposals as required;

· Maintains a tracking system of responses to proposals;

· Maintains and updates team’s databases and mailing lists using the Microsoft Office Suite including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook Exchange.

· Maintains office, intake donations supplies, PPE intakes, Log inventory.

· Contributes to electronic filing of team documents. Time cards ,travel expenses.

· Coordinates the translation, proofreading and editing of documents as required;

· Enters pipeline information and Project Information Memorandum.

· Organizes regular team meetings and conference calls/video-conferences, often over different time zones, including the preparation and distribution of documents and providing the necessary technical devices;

· Takes minutes of regular team meetings and other meetings with the assistances of and coordination with the staff as required;

· Assists the ED to maintain and update the Program’s web site, and on a required basis, carries out specific web searches and downloads workshop documents/registration from host web sites;

· Provides assistance to team members for inputting and editing rolling project completion reports.

· Assists in the coordination of the project process by tracking their completion, scheduling interviews as necessary and e-filing the final document;

· Liaises with staff as required, and provides assistance to ED when programing.

· Assists in the orientation of new staff, interns, research fellows and consultants by providing them with the necessary documents and materials for orientation; and

· Works with other Program staff to coordinate Project work activities, meet deadlines, and provide support where needed; and

· Must have permit to work in USA

· Must have valid Minnesota License.

· Familiar with South Asian culture, language fluency desired but not essential.

· Performs other related duties in accordance with instructions from Ed and Program Manager.

Workshops and Events

· Liaises with members of other host organizations to coordinate logistical arrangements for workshops that take place. Policy monitoring.

· Liaises with and assists project recipients and consultants as required to ensure smooth functioning of activities.

· Coordinates and disseminates all internal and external material, including publicity and background documents for local events; coordinates appropriate mailings or distribution;

· Prepares training kits or information packages and sends material to participants in a timely manner; and other duties as assigned.

· Coordinates registration process and acts as contact person for the participants.

· Outreach to Youth After School programs. Education and outreach for Sewa-Aifw programs for systems change. Education on victim services and violence prevention using gender equity lens to see through.

Cultural Competency

Desired candidate requires to be culturally competent with knowledge of at least one South Asian language; preferably with the knowledge and understanding of intersectionality and socio-cultural barriers for Global South diaspora in the areas of Gender-based violence prevention and intervention work.


Must have driving license and work permit for USA.



· Direct supervision : the position does not require the direct supervision of any employee.

· Indirect supervision: acts as a resource person for students, interns, consultants and casual help as required.

Job Scope

Provide effective and efficient support to the Program team to ensure smooth program delivery. This includes administrative, logistical and information management assistance to the Program Leader and other team members, as well as planning and coordination of team activities (meetings, workshops, travel budgets).



Based on experience, education, and interpersonal skills, between $49,000 and $55,000 with health benefits, paid vacation, sick leaves, earned PTOs, mileage for transportation using their own vehicles.

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