Total Family Wellness.

Sewa - Aifw (Asian Indian Family Wellness)

24x7 Crisis Line (952) 912 - 9100


​​Spend some time helping us in different ways depending on your availability and interest.

Different Ways to Volunteer:

​  a) Event Based       : Events such as SEWA Gala Program, Annual Health fair, Health Seminars, conferences, Women's Programs, Senior Programs and more.
  b) Project Based     : Proof read Newsletters, grants, update website, fund raising campaign, help develop flyers, marketing material, collect donations, and more.
  c) Set Time / Dates : Monthly health clinics at the Hindu Temple & Gurudwara, Women's programs, weekly homework help for the Bhutanese kids and more.

​There is no minimum or maximum hours you must complete to be a volunteer at SEWA.

Please complete the following form if you are interested in Volunteering. CONTACT US. for any additional questions about Volunteering with SEWA-AIFW Organization.

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