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In 2013 SEWA-AIFW Family wellness partnered with University of Minnesota to conduct a health survey for South Asians living in Minnesota. South Asians include people from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Burma and also Indians from Guyana & Trinidad. The goal of the survey was to gain a better understanding of the specific health issues in the South Asian community so that SEWA-AIFW can design programs to address those issues. This survey did not collect any personal data and was also completely confidential.

The need to conduct such a survey was felt based on SEWA-AIFW's experience, that hypertension, diabetes, obesity, and arthritis are prevalent in the South Asian Community; however, the federal and state level data always bundle them up as a part of other Asian Pacific Islander groups and as a result, we had a limited understanding of the health issues specifically faced by our community. The information collected from the survey helped SEWA-AIFW create specific programs for South Asians. SEWA-AIFW also used this information to start a dialogue with the legislature and the service providers about ways to reduce health disparities in our community.

Project SAHAT Health Assessment Tool and Report

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a) We hold FREE Health Clinics at a various community locations. These are staffed by culturally sensitive volunteer doctors. Doctors complete preliminary screenings, and provide referrals and health resources to participants. See our events for dates/times.

b) Through our 24 Hours CRISIS HOTLINE (952) 912-9100,  callers can be linked to South Asian social workers and psychologists to aid them with mental health concerns.

c) Our advocates provide resources and referrals for a variety of services, including FREE and LOW COST Health Clinics, FREE Counseling Centers, FREE OR LOW COST Mental Health Services, and many others depending on needs.


SEWA-AIFW is dedicated to improve physical and mental health of the South Asian Community living in Minnesota. SEWA-AIFW's Health Initiative Programs focus on meeting the health needs of the community.

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