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The Bhutanese Youth Sports Club (BYSC) is a non-profit organization based in Saint Paul, Minnesota. This club was formed by Bhutanese Youths living in different cities in Minnesota in 2010 . In the 4 years of development, the BYSC has performed in many specific fields which may contain Nepali culture, sports, traditions, respects etc. The Bhutanese Youth Sports Club, MN currently has 40 members, including boys and girls. Our organization provides many great opportunities to members in different fields. We have sports center that has sports like soccer, volleyball, basketball, tennis, table-tennis, badminton and more. We also provide members with cultural activities like Nepali songs, dances and so on. We also teach respects to members and others in our community.​

help available for Bhutanese Youths in various fields:

[1] Educational Help
   - Homework
   - College​ ( FAFSA, ACT, ACCUPLACER)

[2] Cultural Activities
   - Dances
   - Solo Songs

[3] Physical Activities
   - Soccer
   - Volleyball
   - Tennis